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19 september 2019 Unique 3-day training: 'Listen and focus!'


Come explore amazing ways of deep listening. We are thrilled to announce that Allan Rohlfs will offer 3 days (Sep. 19-21) in Bilthoven, to pass along what he knows about how to listen empathically. Imagine: Allan has worked with Marshall Rosenberg, Carl Rogers and Eugene Gendlin!


Training with Allan Rohlfs in 2017

What we will do

We will explore ways of listening that come from focusing, as developed by Gendlin, going beyond guessing feelings and needs. We will work experiential. With 48 years of experience in this way of listening, Allan will demonstrate how to do this and coach each participant in listening, recording each session for later review and learning. Everyone will take a turn as a speaker and a listener.

The setting

There will be intimacy, learning, laughter and more ways to listen empathically. We will enjoy Allan quoting Gendlin, guiding us and hearing his memories of Marshall, when he developed NVC in the seventies and eighties. Allan was taught by Gendlin and at the Chicago Counceling Center, founded by Rogers, who also was Marshall's teacher. You will not get such a unique chance in the near future!





You are an experienced listener, 'the NVC way', at ease with guessing feelings & needs. Perhaps you are a CNVC Certified Trainer, or on your way to become one. Whatever, your interest in expending your listening expertise is the most important. Since you cannot learn this from observing others, your willingness to receive coaching and take a turn listening, is a requirement for registration.



Felt sense

The felt sense is a different concept than NVC feelings. Allan will use transcripts -to illustrate this way of listening- and exercises -to teach this focusing concept of the felt sense. Through both, he wants to expand understanding of how people process their experience. This way of listening supports that to a high degree. Allan will not teach focusing, but how people talk from their feelings or felt sense. 


"I found this way of listening very freeing as a listeners

and powerful when I was being listened to"


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Information about the training 'Listen and focus!':


What:  3-Day training, September 19-21 (2019) with 12 participants max.
When:  Door open at 9.30, start at 10.00, end at 17.00 hours
Where:  Prins Hendriklaan 73 in Bilthoven

How to get there: 8 min. walk from Bilthoven trainstation. Park your car for free.
Trainer:  Allan Rohlfs, certified with the Center for Nonviolent Communication
You: Empathic listening, the NVC way, is your second nature. Connect with us in case of doubt!

Want to know more?  Call or mail Susana  +31 6 15165652  |
Want to register?  Fill in the fields below and I will get in touch with you.
Want to pay? Choose any amount between € 280,-- and € 180,-- (for 3 days). 

With your payment, you support Allan's Intercontinental airfair, European travel and B&B costs. The more you can contribute, the easier or us to accomodate people with less financial resources. Lunches are not included in the price. If money is problematic, please contact me to see what is possible. 

How to pay? Transfer the amount of your choice to my ING bank account:

  • IBAN: NL09 INGB 0006 4934 26
  • Description: Allan Rohlfs 2019


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