02 juli 2018 6-Day intensive: 'The power of embodying NVC'

International retreat from July 2-8  2018  |  Barcelona


Arrival: Monday July 2 from 14.00 hours. Departure: Sunday 8, after lunch

-   remember your diginity
-   nourish your grounding
-   tune into your body wisdom
-   articulate what you care about
-   take skillful and decisive action
-   relate clearly & conpassionately


Why this 6 day NVC Immersion?

To live our lives fully, it is essential to understand & articulate what we care about. This 6-day NVC immersion gives you the opportunity to discover what your body tells you, how to filter your unique qualities out of that wisdom and put that into the world. We’ll engage our physical, emotional, linguistic, intellectual & intuitive resources (including our chakras) and help them work together. This way we’ll build our capacity to manage emotions, take skillful, decisive action & relate with compassion. This training is in Spanish & English for 14 to 26 participants from Spain and abroad.


"I often get impulses from our time together, such as when Susana Told me 'I see you and you have the right to be here'. After our 'power of embodying NVC' training, I felt strong and given to. As if I gained a feeling with you, that I will achieve anything in life without fighting. The relationships flowed better, I had less inner blame or feelings of guilt for the experiences of others, in connectoin to me. One thing I can tell for sure: I am able to be a better observer."     - Dominika (Czech republic), August 2017


Create your life

If you want to fully experience the spirit of NVC, the wisdom of your body & chakra’s and the power of your grounding, please join us. Benefit from this 6-day immersion, to regain ownership of your (life) experience and design your life from there. Come and learn to create, rather than react. Remember how to love who you are and practice to become more of you. Align your thoughts, words and actions and allow full aliveness, including anger. Learn to access all your resources and use them to support life. If you want to clearly express your needs, take action to meet them and offer your presence and compassion to yourself and others, join us and be nourished. We will do powerful exercises, interview body parts and much more…



The trainers

Both Susana Rusch & Ivana Horakova are ‘pleasantly crazy’, contagiously in love with life & impressed by the power of NVC, body-work & chakra wisdom. Both are certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainers, resilient & grateful for their NVC tools, to live life to the fullest, communicate clearly & effectively and be present with empathy. Susana uses: singing, silence, movement and impro- theatre to deepen the NVC skills. Ivana, enjoys the art of deep listening, dyads, chakra-
work & toning, to help you learn, live and apply NVC in a natural way.




     With swimming pool at the green hilly side of Barcelona


We have a minimum of 14 & max. 26 participants. We train in Spanish, English and Dutch, with translation if necessary. We expect that you are familiar with the 4 Components of NVC, their pitfalls and empathy. Do you really want to join and don't have this knowledge yet? Please contact us. You will receive a certificate of attendance for 46 hours of NVC-training on the 8th of July. You can use this if you want to be a certified trainer yourself, according to the criteria of CNVC (www.cnvc.org)


With a sliding scale, we want to make this training possible for people with more AND less financial resources. If you can afford to pay more, it is easier for us to allow people with less money to join us. Choose your investment, based on what you can afford and gladly contribute between:  Singular person: € 960,--  to  € 740,--   |  If your company pays: € 1.500,--   and  If money is problematic, contact us: we want to live in a world of possibilities.



Your investment includes: 46 training hours with 2 certified NVC trainers, translation (English Spanish & vice versa) a hand-out, arrival dinner & all lunches and possible feed-back for an NVC session, if you want to become a certified NVC trainer yourself. Note: you pay your own travel costs. Do take your family: they can stay at the coast or visit Barcelona, while you enjoy your training. Dinners are NOT included in the price, except the welcome dinner, the 2nd of July.



July is high season, so we already pre-booked Bed & Breakfast at the InOut Hostel. Prices range from € 22,-- to € 30,-- per night, depending on the room you choose (4 or 6 persons per room, with bathroom in- or outside the room). Plus €0,72 tourist tax per night. The sooner you register, the sooner you can book the room of your preference, the more choice. You'll pay us the accommodation price and we will pay the venue at once (because we already pre-payed in advance).

Book now, so you can chose your sleeping place of preference!

Fill out the fields below, also if you are interested. Or call me at: +31 6 15165652. 

If you join us, you'll receive a letter of confirmation, chose your price and

receive an invoice. We will ask for a deposit, to guarantee your

place at the retreat. All prices are free from VAT.



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